16 Aug 2018

Mission, Vision and Core Values


PGAHC is an independent non-profit organization designated by the Prince George’s County government to coordinate financial support and advocacy for the arts and humanities through grants, artistic programs and creative partnerships among business, education, government and residents.


The Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council (PGAHC) seeks to create a world-class cultural environment where diverse high quality arts and humanities programs are available for all Prince George’’s County residents and visitors.

Core Values and Principles

The work of the board of directors and staff is guided by a set of core values and principles:

 PGAHC promotes artistic achievement and creative expression in all its forms.
 PGAHC supports life-long learning through the arts and humanities, particularly in arts education to young people.
 PGAHC values the arts and humanities as a catalyst to bridge racial, cultural, social and generational gaps.
 PGAHC builds stronger communities through education, government, business and private funding partnerships.

PGAHC contracts with consultants who are recognized specialists in their fields to assist in core program areas and provide key services. With the assistance of our consulting staff, PGAHC maintains a signature public art program, a vibrant arts education program, a literary focused humanities platform and a resource portal for film and digital media .



Konrad Herling


Raoul Dennis

Vice Chair

LaVonn Reedy Thomas

Ex Officio

Tomeka C. Bumbry

Ex Officio

The Honorable Petrella Robinson

Yolanda Muckle

Yvette C. Caldwell

Loretta Fuller

Brenda Makle

Ronald Waldo Wilson

Ruby Shu N. Costea

Larry E. Hentz


Rhonda Dallas

Executive Director
Public Art and Creative Infrastructure

Ethel Lewis

Operations Director

Kristina Lyles

Program Manager
County Arts Programs and Arts Education

Donna Foster

Film Office Coordinator

Eileen Cave

Arts in Education Coordinator

Andrea Blackstone

Festival of Literary Arts Coordinator

Gary Alexander Crisostomo