FAIR Film Festival Showcases Student Filmmakers

Their names may seem somewhat familiar: Quentin Terrortino, Steven Speilbug, Jorge Lucas and Woody Gallon. Not quite. But the student filmmakers, writers and actors who participated in the FAIR Film Festival may one day have their own names on film credits rather than parodying those of Hollywood’s current giants.

The festival was held at the Old Greenbelt Theater September 22.

FAIR (Filmmaker Artist In Residence) is an arts integration program sponsored by the Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council / PGAHC within Prince George’s County Public Schools. PGAHC has been on the forefront of implementing the Artists-in-Residence Program of Arts Integration directly into Prince George’s County Public School classrooms.

In 2017, the PGAHC awarded Mimi Machado-Luces a grant to work in three different PGCPS classrooms creating films from each class’ curriculum. Machado-Luces, a local filmmaker and educator, is a founding member of the Creative Edge Collaborative, an organization developed by filmmakers to grow the creative economy in Prince George’s County and increase its digital media footprint throughout the DMV region.

In 2018, Machado-Luces worked with four different schools. In total, students from selected PGCPS classrooms have created 25 short films with 178 students participating from all over the county.

“We reached out to the schools that won the grant,” Machado-Luces says of the schools that participated. “PGAHC does a training during the summer for teachers for the arts integration program called PGATI and that’s where they introduce the program to teachers. Last year, we did 17 films with four different schools.”

The schools choose the students but Machado-Luces works directly with the young talent to write, direct and produce the work (see film roster below).

“I believe that film is the new millennium term paper,” she says.  “You have to do research, cite, etc – it’s just visual. For me, it’s a lot more fun than doing a term paper.”


The 1st FAIR Student Film Festival

Old Greenbelt Theater, Centerway, Greenbelt, MD


Viewing Program:

Accokeek Academy

Films by Mr. Puraken’s 8th grade social studies class

  1. American Rights: The truth- Documentary
  2. Our Voices- A Music Video


Nicholas Orem Middle School

  1. Gentrification! Our Community, Our Future


Beltsville Academy

Films by Ms. Necaise, Ms. Bauernschaub and Mr. Starr’s 5th grade computer/library class

  1. Redcoats and Petticoats
  2. Sybil’s Midnight Ride
  3. Phoebe’s Mission
  4. A Fight You Won’t Forget
  5. The Not So Tea Party
  6. The Way to Our Victory
  7. Washington’s Crossing Comeback
  8. Washington’s Great Win for Independence
  9. George Washington’s Great Adventure
  10. George Washington & the Delaware, What Really Happened


Rosa Parks Elementary School

Films by Mr. Lynch’s and Ms. Cave’s 4th, 5th and 6th grade Discover Club

  1. All About My Culture
  2. Delicious Details
  3. Favorite Foods and Snacks
  4. Fun Family Memories
  5. Two Amigos


Mount Rainier Elementary School

Films by Mr. Wallace’s 5th grade science class

  1. The Chemical Outburst
  2. The Epic Fight
  3. The Biggest Mess Up
  4. Arrow Aruma


Surrattsville High School

Film by Ms. Templeton’s 10th grade English language arts classes

  1. Macbeth- The High School Remix