Gov Hogan Announces $5 Million In Grants 

Supporting the goal of preserving culture always has to include cash.

The Hogan administration announced in July that 114 matching grants totaling nearly $5 million were awarded to Maryland non-profits, local jurisdictions, and other heritage tourism organizations by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA). These grant funds support heritage tourism projects and activities that draw visitors and increase economic development and tourism-related job creation throughout Maryland. 

Planning Secretary Rob McCord

For the past three years, approximately $3 million was available annually to fund these projects.  The Hogan administration nearly doubled the funding to $5 million in FY 2019, allowing for a record number of grants to be awarded.

Organizations receiving grant awards include museums, parks, educational organizations, and other entities that steward and celebrate the unique cultural and natural resources located within one of Maryland’s 13 Heritage Areas.

Tourism is the 10th largest private sector employer in Maryland, providing more than 146,000 jobs and nearly $17.3 billion of visitors’ spending annually.

“These Heritage Areas grants encourage private investment in a tourism-related economy that is as unique as the geography of our state,” said Planning Secretary Rob McCord. “The Heritage Areas continue to bring an appreciation of Maryland’s long history and rich culture to people both inside and outside of our state.”

To learn more about the Maryland Heritage Areas Program and the state’s certified Heritage Areas, please visit this webpage.