Forest Heights Annual Fun Day and Food Festival Is A Cultural Winner

Above ninety-degree temperatures didn’t keep dozens of families from coming out and enjoying the day at the Annual Fun Day & Food Festival August 4.

But they did stay close to the shade of the overhead tents.

The picture perfect afternoon had it all: everything from painting to laser tag, live music to full court basketball.

The Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council partnered with the city of Forest Heights to add to the festivities and to provide information on the PGAHC’s work.

Artist and photographer Luther Wright of LW Arts and Design was part of the PGAHC tent with his popular people-participating paintings.  In it, Wright establishes the basic outline of the painting and festival goers are invited to pick up a brush and add color to the work. Kids love it.

Wright’s work helps PGAHC’s role at the festival and gets the attention of families who may not be aware of the organization or the power of the arts. For many, it’s a first opportunity for young people to be directly exposed to creating visual art outside the classroom.

The festival included great young musical artists, too.

It featured live entertainment by Layla Khepri, Savannah Rock Star, WildBoy Ra, Ari Devi and others. DJ Phil provided the music. Special guest Aaron D. Spears was also a part of the program.