International Film Grows In Hyattsville
Nepal America Film Society Brings Nations, Diverse Cultures To Maryland Thru
Film Festival
Over 200. That was the number of film entries The Nepal America Film Society received in less than
a year in time for the 2018 Nepal America International Film Festival. Held in Hyattsville, the
festival is only in its second year and the budget and staff is small but the impact is already
resonating in countries around the world.
Filmmakers and industry stake holders from Europe, Nepal, Israel and across the United States
participated in the Festival held May 18-20 at the Hyattsville Royale Stadium 14 Theater.
Although the Nepal American community and the story of the Nepali people are a central part of the
festival, stories of the human condition and spirit of all ethnicities and backgrounds are a part of the
film offerings each year.
Purna Singh Baraili, the festival director for the Nepal America International Film Festival, is hands
on with everything from the review of submitted film to acquiring sponsors and establishing
logistics for the three-day event as he is also the president of Nepal America Film Society Inc. based
in Greenbelt, MD.
“As a resident of Prince George's County, I would like to connect American and world filmmakers
with the county through [our] film festival. The film society has already talked to the
TorinoFilmLab, Italy and Sundance Film Festival regarding collaborations [as well],” Baraili wrote.
PGAHC is a sponsor of the growing festival. “We encourage and support the Nepal America Film
Society and its work to bring stories of filmmakers from around the world to us through Prince
George’s County, MD” says PGAHC Executive Director Rhonda Dallas.
Singh Baraili says the film society plans to add a Prince George’s County component to the film
festival in 2019.