Must be the music that’s turning them on.
What started as a single Saturday of outdoor jazz has now, after nine years, grown into a full
weekend (attracting over 2,000 jazz lovers and over 50 vendors) of jazz, arts, culture and good
The Lake Arbor Jazz Festival, (this year’s festival: July 12-15), is just one year away from becoming
one of the county’s largest, truly authentic homegrown musical institutions. Founded by Executive
Producer Kevin Alexander, the jazz festival has become a major destination attraction for visitors to
the region as well as DMV residents and jazz lovers.
But the festival does more than entertain.
It’s supported by PGAHC and other local and regional groups and companies supportive of the arts.
The council supports the growth and enrichment of Prince Georges County Culture through the
development of collaborative platforms and community partnerships. By request, the council will
have two stations at the festival this year.
PGAHC is a vendor/sponsor of LAJF as a part of its mission to help promote the growth of the arts in
Prince George’s and in supporting young, developing talent.
The future of LAJF and the work of PGAHC are intertwined in the support and promotion of the
visual and performing arts.