New Project Places Art Above Everything Else

There are big things happening at the New Carrollton Library – and public art is one of them.

The library is undergoing tremendous reconstruction and upgrades and along with the new technology and space improvements, great new visual art by Mount Rainier-based sculptor Alan Binstock will be a part of the renovation.  Binstock was commissioned to complete a work centered around the theme of the art installation, the Kaleidoscope of Learning, to embody the essence of the modern library. The art suspends from the ceiling of the 21’ high space. Click here for more details about the commission.

Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council Executive Director Rhonda Dallas worked alongside the library’s leadership to bring Kaleidoscope of Learning to the learning and research facility.  

“I love this work,” Dallas said as the project moved forward. “This is what I love about bringing art to our communities. It’s truly beautiful to see this come from vision to reality.”

Other improvements at the library include Books from Birth (free books for children’s’ first five years), blu-ray movies and thermal cameras and environmental literacy.